Reaching Out

How the sub-Branch Reaches Out


The sub-Branch currently reaches out to the families of ADF members:

  • by encouraging involvement in the Australia My Country competition and
  • through the Remembrance Day Educational Grants Program


However there is not (yet) a program for reaching out to ADF veterans and serving members of the ADF on the Northern Beaches.  At our General Meeting in February LTCOL Nick de Bont was our guest speaker who provided some excellent examples of how we can reach out.


A brief summary of these points is:

  • Consider the fact that the younger generation is time poor and especially ADF members who serve in the reserve
  • Promotion of contact with nearby units
  • Employment promotion of & for retired veterans in our community by establishing contact with local businesses
  • Collate data of agencies supporting veterans making the RSL a single point of contact for this information
  • Support sporting activities which engage veterans
  • Widen the scope to engage the Northern Beaches District Council
  • Engage the RSL Club Ltd management to promote welcoming ADF members and providing suitable discounts
  • Promote understanding of the difference between the RSL sub-Branch and Club Ltd


Further to (and in line with our Strategic Plan) we will establish Wellness Support Officers to work with veterans as a first point of contact to assist with personal issues.


As the initiative develops we will keep you updated!