Draft Written Directions Policy

Email From: Vince Williams CSC <secretary@forestvillersl.org.au>
Date: 13 Feb 2023 12:16

Good afternoon sub-Branch members and Affiliates
The CEO of RSL NSW sent out an email to the Committee, an extract of which is shown below:

“On 9 February 2023, the District Presidents Council (DPC) agreed that the attached DRAFT documents can be circulated to sub-Branches for member consultation. These are:

Policy 30 – Written Directions Governance

  1. Policy 01 – Funding the Charitable Purpose
  2. SOP 01 – Funding the Charitable Purpose

Key points from previous DPC consideration:

The Policy has been separated from the procedure (SOP)

The requirement for mandatory donations (calculation) to the Veterans Support Fund has been excluded (Clause 6.1)

Areas in blue highlight were not included in previous draft documents.

Action for sub-Branch Executive, Process, and Timings

All RSL NSW members are invited to provide feedback on the documents via their sub-Branch Executive. Please take the following actions:

  1. Distribute this email and the attachments to all members attached to your sub-Branch
  2. Collate feedback from members and pass it on to your respective District Council President by 7 March 2023.

In accordance with the CEO’s request please find attached copies of the three documents for your review.  In order to meet the necessary timelines you are requested to provide any comments you might have to me by 24 February in order that comments can be collated and considered at our 28 February Committee meeting.  We will then provide a summary of your comments at the 1 March AGM.  That will then enable us to meet the required timelines.


Written Directions Governance Policy



SOP Funding the Charitable Purpose



Policy Funding the Charitable Purpose



If you have any questions please email me at secretary@forestvillersl.org.au

Vince W
Vincent Williams CSC,
Secretary, Forestville RSL sub-Branch and NBDC
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