Australia My Country

Australia My Country Competition 2022

We received some wonderful entries to our AMC contest this year making it very hard for the judges to select winners.   Congratulations to all the schools and entrants who studied this year’s topic and provided us with some very fine entries.


The winning ART entries for Years 5 and 6 and Years 3 and 4 are showcased below:


YEARS 5 & 6
1st Place
2nd Place3rd Place
YEARS 3 & 4
1st Place
2nd Place3rd Place


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“31st May 1942, The day the War came to Sydney”   

The Australia My Country (AMC) Competition is sponsored annually by the Forestville RSL sub-Branch and is designed to enhance the sense of pride and patriotism of participants by commemorating, through writing and art, Australia’s proud military heritage.  The Competition is open to Year 3 to 6 students of the Primary schools located within our defined geographic area and is run in conjunction with the principals and teachers of those participating schools.

The topic for the AMC Competition is selected annually by the sub-Branch Committee and participants can choose between written work (composition or poetry) or art works to meet the Competition requirements.

The topic for 2022 is “31st May 1942, the day the War came to Sydney”. 


Have a look at this AMC briefing package
Designed and developed by Mrs Kate Walker, Terrey Hills Public School


The detailed instructions and entry forms for the Competition are contained on this website.

Our defined geographic area is contained within the postcodes of 2084 (but excluding Cottage Point), 2085, 2086, 2087, and 2100 (but excluding Brookvale, North Manly and Warringah Mall).

Click here to view the Rules and How to Enter