1700’s Cannon stationed at entrance to Forestville RSL

1700’s Cannon stationed at entrance to Forestville RSL



This cannon is most likely one of the earliest pieces from the Colony of NSW and Sydney Cove’s defences. The barrel is an original and was recovered from Cockatoo Island, where 15 barrels had been dug into the walls of Fitzroy Dock as bollards.

It is a Smooth Bore Muzzle Loading cannon, shortened to SBML. Made in England in the 1700s, it is also referred to as a “12 Pounder” due to the weight of the solid metal ball it fired.

This type of cannon was first recorded in NSW in 1800, when 8 were placed at Dawes Battery, near what is now the Southern Pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. By 1806 another 4 cannons were placed at Dawes Battery and 4 at Georges Head, now part of Mosman.

This “SBML 12 Pounder” is displayed with the cooperation of the Forestville RSL sub-Branch, Forestville RSL Club Ltd and the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company.

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